Your Trade Set Up And Research Sources


  1. Audio And Video Market Statistics

These resources offer you important audio and video alerts in real time for free, or a minimal monthly subscription fee.

  • Talking Forex (Ransquawk) Live Audio Market Commentary
  • NewsStrike
  • Bloomberg Live
  1. Current Market News And Key Data

Get all the important highlights on currency pairs and volatility data, including risk reversals and technical analysis.

  • IFR Markets
  • EuroMoney
  • Forex Magnates
  • LeapRate
  • Institutional Investor Magazine
  • FX Week
  1. Online Charts

Here, you will get visual assistance and tools on correlations, volatility and distribution.

  • TradingView
  • Forex Automaton 
  • AutoChartist
  • ForexTicket 
  • TimingCharts 
  • com
  • TradingCharts
  • NASDAQ World Currency Option Chains
  1. Software

Free and small-free software that provide you with essential statistical computing graphics, and to create synthetic currency pairs or any other instruments you feed into the software.

  • R Project
  • Spread Constructor for MT4
  • GBOT
  • Patternz
  1. EBooks And Articles

Volumes of great reading material to make you a pro and offer you insights with valuable institutional researches.

  • Trading-Naked 
  • DocStoc
  1. Free Magazines

Flip through both digital and hard copy magazines with information on the latest trends and futures trading strategies.

  • Currency Trader Magazine 
  • FX Trader Magazine
  • Futures And Options Trader 
  • Futures Magazine
  • SFO (Stocks, Futures And Options) Magazine
  • Global Finance Magazine
  • Investment Advisor Magazine
  1. Trading Tutorials/Instruction/Strategies

These resources will provide you with informed technical analysis, trade management and psychology techniques; as well as give you a useful glossary of well organized FX terms.

  • Informed Trades
  • NASDAQ’s Online FX Trading Tutorials
  • Decision Point Learning Centre
  • Investopedia FX
  • MoneyShow
  • FXWords