Trade Set Up

Your Trade Set Up And Research Sources

If you want to make more accurate speculations and trade more successfully, you must have access to tons of useful audio, video, online and digital resources to help you generate the right trading signals.
Here are some research resources that you will find useful to improve your forex trading techniques.

Audio And Video Market Statistics

These resources offer you important audio and video alerts in real time for free, or a minimal monthly subscription fee.

  • Talking Forex (Ransquawk) Live Audio Market Commentary
  • NewsStrike

Current Market News And Key Data

Get all the important highlights on currency pairs and volatility data, including risk reversals and technical analysis.

  • IFR Markets
  • EuroMoney
  • Institutional Investor Magazine
  • FX Week

Online Charts

Here, you will get visual assistance and tools on correlations, volatility and distribution.

  • TradingView
  • Forex Automaton 
  • AutoChartist
  • ForexTicket 
  • TimingCharts 
  • TradingCharts
  • NASDAQ World Currency Option Chains


Free and small-free software that provide you with essential statistical computing graphics, and to create synthetic currency pairs or any other instruments you feed into the software.

  • Spread Constructor for MT4
  • GBOT
  • Patternz

EBooks And Articles
Volumes of great reading material to make you a pro and offer you insights with valuable institutional researches.

  • Trading-Naked 
  • DocStoc

Free Magazines

Flip through both digital and hard copy magazines with information on the latest trends and futures trading strategies.

  • Currency Trader Magazine 
  • FX Trader Magazine
  • Futures And Options Trader 
  • Futures Magazine
  • SFO (Stocks, Futures And Options) Magazine
  • Global Finance Magazine
  • Investment Advisor Magazine

Trading Tutorials/Instruction/Strategies

These resources will provide you with informed technical analysis, trade management and psychology techniques; as well as give you a useful glossary of well organized FX terms.

  • Informed Trades
  • NASDAQ’s Online FX Trading Tutorials
  • Decision Point Learning Centre
  • Investopedia FX
  • MoneyShow
  • FXWords