The 15 Best Sources for Fundamental and Technical Forex News

The trading industry is a huge and daunting environment, especially when considering the sheer number of resources available online. Where do you start, what resources should you explore and which news source do you trust? We live in an era where information spreads at the speed of light, from news stations trying to stay up, to social media users and upcoming bloggers, it becomes harder to separate truth from fiction and find reliable, trust worthy forex news sources that can provide the necessary on-the-minute trading information traders require to carry out operations.

Successful traders don’t have superpowers that let them see into the future, neither were they born successful. They learn forex trading and scale through a blur of forex data and news to select indispensable information that helps them make good trading decisions. That’s why we have compiled this powerful all-inclusive list of 15 of the best sources for fundamental and technical forex news for experts and beginners alike.

15 of the best sources for fundamental and technical forex news

Traditional Financial News

While a ton of financial news sources exists, it’s advisable to stick with known financial news outlets in the industry. All media moguls offer 24-hour market coverage and updates concerning new developments you should know about like economic report analysis and central bank announcements. These big wigs also have financial industry contacts to proffer explanations on the current daily event for the public.

Reuters Forex News

When looking for reliable forex new and analysis, Reuters offers a rich pool of resources that cover all areas of forex trading.

Some of its resources include:

FX Trading an innovative trading tool delivering the quality value of the entire foreign exchange to hundreds of new FX traders daily.

FXall a fantastic tool that provides FX resources and neutrality to ensure liquidity and trading expertise for active traders, corporate treasurers, prime brokers, and banks around the world.

Reuters also make available transaction and trade reporting tool for trade notifications and a deal tracker resource for monitoring and processing FX trade on the go.

IFR Markets is another resource broken in three divisions of Credit, Rates and ForexWatch. Employing over 70 analysts globally to deliver analysis, commentary, data and forecasting; making it the perfect site for market sentiment and flow.

Bloomberg Terminal

If you presently work in FX or you’re planning to, you’ve probably heard of Bloomberg terminal. It’s a global resource for instantaneous financial information. Some of its features include:

Unique Layout and Design: The Bloomberg terminal is a windows based application compatible with Microsoft Excel and a key aspect of the program for financial traders.

The first thing you notice on the Bloomberg terminal is the keyboard that switches the F4 key with market sector keys like EQUITY, CORP and CURNCY. To make it more natural, Bloomberg’s keyboards are colour coded; red colour for Login and Cancel keys, yellow for market sectors and green for the Enter key.

News: Most people see Bloomberg and think breaking news on the financial market, the Bloomberg Terminal provides real-time information from websites globally, wires and tickers. They convey current financial news making headlines around the world.

Equities: Looking for equity shares traded publicly? Bloomberg offers a range of search options like exchange, country, name and other topics. You can also view indexes and historical pricing on a stock with the equity menu. The terminal service is so advanced; they let you see the differences or similarities of any two equities.  Examples of the comparison fields include technical charting, historical ratios and fundamental analysis.

Fixed Income: Similar to equities, Bloomberg users can find the most recent data relating to fixed income securities like government bonds, corporate debt and municipal bonds.

Derivatives: this is one of the best capabilities of Bloomberg terminal. Clients source for instant securities value (future contract and exchange-traded options) and determine the worth of hard-to-price derivatives.

Swap Manager: A bespoke tool for swap pricing that lets users enter swap agreement parameters to determine an estimate swap value at any date. The tool is expected to become more popular as the swap market develops.

Foreign Exchange: The FX market is a marketplace that never sleeps hence, Bloomberg is the perfect tool for all FX traders. Bloomberg users can view live rates for almost all the world currencies and basis curves along with rate analysis for any particular currency.

Wall Street Journal

One of the most established and respected names in the world of financial news reporting, it is the largest newspaper in the US by circulation with an estimated 2.4 million subscribers. It started out with ‘flimsies’ in the early 1880s at the stock exchange in New York and adopted a modernized structure in the 40s at a time when industries and financial institutions in the US were expanding.

The market section of the journal includes news on bonds, commodities, currencies, funds, stocks, financial services and personal finance.

Barron’s Newspaper

A weekly newspaper delivering daily in-depth analysis and review of trading trends, news on company stock and bonds, market events, emerging markets and all relevant statistics. The two primary sections include ‘Market Week’ (coverage of market activity from the previous week)and ‘the wrap’ ( outlook and analysis of columns).

The Barron is well known for its annual Barron’s Roundtable and Special Report Best Online Brokers Features, both of which happen at the end of the year. The paper is named after Clarence W. Barron, an influential figure considered the Father of modern financial journalism.

Another division of Dow Jones  & Co, MarketWatch monitors international markets for investors and FX traders alike. The website gets over 16 million visitors monthly and is now a respected authority. Some of its key sections include business news, real-time commentary, finance information, investment data analysis with renowned journalists relentlessly creating headlines, stories and market briefs. Some of its popular FX tools include

Stock Screener– a financial took that screens stocks prices, volume, fundamentals, technical and exchange all day utilizing as many parameters as users enter with all parameters default to none.

Mutual Fund Screener: A financial tool that allows users search mutual funds by industry, index membership and fund name. Results are displayed in a graph form with best performing net assets at the top of the graph.

Options Trader: MarketWatch Options Trader provides the ideal guide to options trading. Users receive actionable ideas and exclusive insights on popular stocks. FX traders also receive crucial trading strategies, master trading psychology, risk management and future trading trends.

BigCharts:  this is a comprehensive user-friendly investment research tool that can help new or prospective traders get access to interactive charts, intraday stock screeners, industry analysis, market commentary and news

Outside of these financial media moguls, there are other sites, just as reliable to get live technical and fundamental forex news. They include:

Forex Factory

This forex site is rated for having the largest forex forum in the world. Created in 2004, the site caters exclusively to forex traders by providing market intelligence report that is accurate and fast. Some of its products are:

The forum– a huge network of activity where traders interact to teach, learn, share ideas, debate and swap stories. For any niche or topic, you can think of, there is a thread for it on forest factory.

News – The Forex factory news offers a new insightful approach in delivering forex news that is policed by tight editorial controls to ensure all headlines are prioritized for accuracy and reliability without affecting the speed of updates.

Daily FX

DailyFX is forex broker FXCM’s daily news site that provides real-time fundamental and technical analysis, market news. They employ a team of financial gurus who report daily on new developments in the currency market, while offering instant technical analysis, and near view examination of favourable chart formations and live currency updates. Daily FX’s team of experienced analysts also post market moves analysis, exhaustive explanations of political, economic and technical factors fuelling the market.

Some of its features include

Economic Calendar: full release schedule of news from the G-10 countries with filter ability to rank each by significance and effect on specific currencies.

Real Time News: Non-stop news that helps you trade on the minute in a fast paced market environment. The Economic announcement is published within minutes once the clock ticks down to zero.

Technical Analysis: The team of technical analysts detect trading opportunities and major trends inclusive of daily charts showing key resistance, support levels and chart patterns taking shape.

Webinar Series: DailyFX delivers a series of webinars to shed light on pivotal trading tools and how clients can utilize them to add value to their trading approach.


The news section of FXStreet provides quick updates and news concerning global financial events. The useful and unique feed also contains filters that traders use to create a news stream for a specified currency pair, defined central banks, technical news, commodities and many some. It also comprises tools like

Forex Interactive charts –  the charts provides over 1000 graphs in real-time with unique interbank rates (inclusive of indices, flexible line tools, commodities and 22 different time frames), extensive historical data and option to save customized setting. It also offers a wide range of technical indicators like ADX, linear regression and CCI.

Forex Rates Table: A bespoke interbank forex rates for over 1,600 assets through different markets – Forex, Indices, Stocks and Commodities. The table shows the Bid/Ask, Open High and Low and change (%) for each asset.


Foreign exchange rates are always changing so RateFx ensures you always have updates on the currency pairs you trade within RatesFX. They also provide foreign exchange rate data on currency pairs. It is a complete data bank for daily exchange rates with currency conversion, performance information, exchange rate alarm and key cross rates.

Traders Laboratory

Trading in an online financial environment does not have to be a lonely experience. With Traders Laboratory, you can find peer groups and friends who share similar trading niches with you. It is a forex form where FX traders connect globally to discuss related topics in the financial markets. You can view trading stories, share your experience, assist a newbie and get helpful feedback from successful traders. From tips for technical analysis to dispensing of a bad trading habit, the forum has it all.


If you’re just diving into the shark world of FX trading, you should definitely start from Babypips. As the name infers, the site educates beginners on all necessary knowledge you must comprehend in an easy to access training course. Information includes automation, trading psychology and things new traders should do. Other features include live market rates, forex forum, gain/loss calculator, technical analysis and trading systems.


A division of iForex, Traderbase delivers real-time forex news updates, commentary and daily forex analysis. The site is a vital source of forex news for both professional and new traders with information that seeks to educate traders on the different aspects of forex to enable them to reach informed decisions during the course of their daily forex trade.


Investopedia in its simplest form is the Wikipedia of financial content and FX trading. It is the most exhaustive source of financial content on the web and receives over 60 million views a month. Driven by a team of financial experts and data scientists, Investopedia provides trustworthy and dependable information to financial investors and forex traders.

Operated by IAC Publishing and run as a non-profit, it delivers the latest financial news while offering content like wealth management, FX trading guides, ETFs, market analysis, stock simulator and FX trader


A leading provider of forex news since the 90s that consistently produced a combination of custom market analysis, real time news and in-depth research from verified FX sites like Bloomberg, DailyFX and Reuters. It is an aggregator of sorts for all forex news making the headlines across major financial websites.

Some of the features it boasts of include technical graphs and analysis, forums, updated calendars and practical forex guides.

FX Open Blog

FX open is one of the largest Forex brokerage firms in the world and is currently the fastest growing team of liquidity providers and forex brokers. The FX Open blog offers traders articles related to FX Open and Foreign Exchange not published on the main website. Tools on display for traders include Forex analytics, trading tips, market insights and forex news.

Most of the forex sites mentioned offer a live feed and market analysis service where traders can get information to take timely action on trading deals. Traders are also likely to subscribe to a site that offers free tools like dedicated programs and applications that can help them make the most informed trading decisions daily.