To be a good forex trader you need to understand different pairs because no pair is independent of other pairs. When you understand the strategies of different pairs and how they change you will build an effective trading strategy.
If you are looking for a relatively steady currency pair in the forex market then NZD pair is all you need. Read on to find out what the NZDEUR entails such as its exchange rate and the best strategies for trading the pair.

About NZD

NZD is the abbreviation for the New Zealand dollar (NZD). It is the currency of New Zealand and the legal currency of Ross Dependency, Nieu, Pitcairn Islands, Cook Islands, as well as Tokelau. NZD is popularly known as “Kiwi” or “Kiwi dollar” in the forex market because New Zealand is connected with the Kiwi.
This currency helps on the global exchange rate market far above the proportion of New Zealand’s population. The following factors influence the NZD exchange rate:
  • New Zealand Central Bank reports (RBNZD)
  • Changes in quarterly employment
  • Monthly balance trade
  • Consumer price index (CPI) and producer price index (PPI) quarterly reports
  • Level of GDP development in the country
  • Monthly report of Performance of Manufacturing Index (PMI)

About EUR

EUR is the abbreviation for Euro which is the currency of 19 European Union member nations. This community of states is defined as the Eurozone or common region. EUR is the second-largest and second-most exchanged currency in the foreign market following the US dollar.
EUR is often used by the European Union agencies, by four non-EU micro-states, the British Overseas Territories of Dhekelia, Akrotiri, and by Kosovo and Montenegro. A variety of different EU member states outside Germany also use EUR. More than 200 million people worldwide are now trading currencies that are linked to EUR.
The key factors driving the exchange rate of EUR are as follows:
  • Job growth and employment rate
  • Policies of Eurozone countries
  • Local politics and foreign policies
  • Monetary policy of the European Central Bank (ECB)
  • Economic prosperity of countries within the Eurozone
  • Budget deficits and the amount of national debt in Eurozone countries.

Technical Analysis For NZDEUR

Technical analysis is the evaluation of past price rate in order to assess probability of potential changes. It is the use of statistical analyses, charts and other analytical methods to measure intensity or weakness of a currency pair.
To carry out a technical analysis for NZDEUR pair you need to look at the value of NZD and EUR. Perhaps you can learn recurring trends that can be used to forecast the future exchange rate of the pair.

Fundamental Analysis For NZDEUR​

Fundamental analysis refers to quantifying current variables that impact the forex market. It use variables such as the inflation rate, interest rates, GDP, and other economic factors.
Fundamental analysis helps traders to understand which economy is stronger or weaker.
You have to consider when and how incidents such as unemployment rate impact the economy. Also monetary policy in a nation that eventually influences the demand level of its currency must be noted. This is because the more an economy of a nation is developed, the more international companies and investors invest in that region and the more its currency is appreciated in the forex market.

What is the Best Time to Trade NZDEUR?

Foreign exchange rates shift all the time in a manner that no one can forecast. But you should be mindful that the week begins at 5 p.m on Sunday and ends by 5 p.m on Friday (EST). Not every hour of the day is perfect for trading NZDEUR. The best time to trade the pair is at the most active level.

What are the Best Trading Strategies for NZDEUR?

1. Understand the market
The significance of understanding the forex market cannot be overemphasised. Taking time to research about the factors that influence the NZDEUR exchange rate will save you from risking your money. To get a deeper understanding of the market you should read news, charts and analyse the trends in New Zealand and European Union.
2. Know the limits
Knowing your limit is very important when trading the NZDEUR currency pair. You must know how much you are able to trade with, adjusting the leverage ratio to match your desire and never investing more than you can expect to lose.
3. Practice
With a demo trial account you can bring your trading strategies on NZDEUR to test. You can also get a chance to see what it is like to exchange currency pairs when bringing your trading strategy for a test without losing your own money.
4. Plan
Planning is very important when trading NZDEUR pair. This will include the goals, the degree of risk management, approach and requirements for assessment. Make sure that any transaction that you find fits under the boundaries of your plan.
5. Market prediction
Fundamental analysts tend to trade based on news and other financial and political data. Technical analysts prefer to predict price changes by technical analysis instruments. Many traders use a combination of both. You should source relevant information to predict the future trading opportunities of NZDEUR.
6. Select the suitable trading pattern
Choosing the best trading partner is important in trading with NZDEUR. Your trading pattern should be flexible so as to reflect the current factors affecting the NZDEUR currency pair and the forex market as a whole.
7. Limit your orders
You have little room to sit down and monitor the market every minute of each day. Through stopping and restricting orders, you can control the harm and protect future income keeping you out of the business at the price you set.
Trailing stops are helpful because when the economy swings, they track the place at a similar pace, helping to secure gains if the price changes. Contingent placing orders can not automatically reduce the chance of losses.
8. No your entry and exit point
By studying the factors that influence the exchange rate of the NZDEUR pair you will know your best entry and exit point. You should analyse the charts properly to understand the possible risk or benefit of trading the NZDEUR pair in the future.
9. Don’t be too emotional
Don’t let emotion hamper your trading pattern with NZDEUR pair. Do not go all-in and attempt and get things back in one shot while you’re getting a losing trade. It’s better to stay with the game to get the missed return a little at a time than unexpectedly catch yourself with two crushing losses.
10. Be consistent
Consistency is the secret to exchange. All traders have lost capital, but if you keep an optimistic attitude, there is a greater possibility that you can come out on top.


The NZDEUR is a significant pair with a relatively steady exchange rate in the forex market. Victory on this pair lies on practising the above strategies. Technical and fundamental analysis is essential in determining future price of the NZDEUR.


Yes. NZDEUR is a valuable pair for beginners once you are consistent with technical and fundamental analysis.
You can do that by gathering all the relevant information such as trend charts, news, reports etc. You may also use the service of a trading coach to analyse and explain the market.
When you don’t have a currency that you choose to exchange there are other options to do so. There are different kinds of pairs that you can use to lend in currencies that you don’t buy. For example, you can exchange the NZD without possessing it by purchasing related options to the currency. Call and place options on NZD/EUR and you will be given steps for exchanging the currency.
When you make individual transactions the money is at danger. It is important to think carefully about the possible means of reducing the risk when trading NZDEUR pair.

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