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Introduction to AUD/GBP

The AUD/GBP currency pair can be considered as one of the most competitive forex trading pairs. It is undoubtedly one of the most common forex trading pairs. AUD/GBP which stands for both the Australian Dollar and the British Pound. The pair’s exchange rates are heavily influenced by the correlation between two major global economies: Australia’s and Britain’s.

History of the AUD/GBP pair

During the 1960s the British pound was replaced by the Australian dollar. Australia had agreed to abolish the outdated colonial structure and use AUD to move forward. Since the nation is so close to the Asian market, the AUD has been significantly affected by import and export between the two over the years.
The sterling pound goes back all the way to around 775. Following a decimalization in 1971, it developed into its current, new form. This is officially the fourth most-traded currency on the foreign exchange market. It constitutes a large number of regular transactions worldwide.

About AUD

The Australian dollar (AUD) is the unit of currency used in the Australian commonwealth. The sign for the Australian dollar is the $. The Australian commonwealth comprises the Cocos Islands, Norfolk Island. Others include Pacific Island colonies, Christmas Island and Australia. This currency is also called “Aussie” and frequently written as A$ or AU$. Since 1966 the Australian dollar was in use after replacing the Australian pound. Today, it is the fifth most traded currency and is supported by a powerful economy. AUD is regarded as a commodity currency because of the high impact on the Australian dollar on the prices of gold, oil and gas.

About GBP

GBP is an abbreviation for the British pound sterling. The United Kingdom’s national currency, South Georgia’s British overseas colonies. Others include the South Sandwich Islands, and British Antarctic Territory and the United Kingdom. The Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are crown dependencies. The oldest constantly in use currency since its creation, the GPB has many names — from the formal “pound sterling” to the local “quid.”

What every forex trader should know about the AUD/GBP pair

The Australian Dollar currency pairing with the British Pound (AUD/GBP) is a common foreign-exchange pair. It reflects a large amount of regular trade. It is a combination that is common among experienced traders as well as newcomers. Despite their strong relations in the past, the AUD/GBP pair today shows a decent share of uncertainty. It offers various incentives for day traders and other forms of traders based on their forex trading strategies. Some traders are skillful in predicting shifts in trends between currencies using volatility.

Factors that Influence AUD/GBP

AUD/GBP is an exchange rate that determines how much AUD should be translated into one GBP. The base currency is AUD, and the market currency is GBP. If that trend decreases, it means that AUD appreciates compared to GBP. Also, if that rate rises it means that the AUD depreciates against GBP. 
Several macroeconomic events(fundamental) in both countries affect the exchange rate. GDP, Inflation, or Consumer Price Index (CPI), interest rates, and other monetary policies. Introduced by central banks are two of the most notable factors/events.
About Great Britain’s trading relationship with Australia. The Australis imports 4.2% of Great Britain’s total exports. Great Britain imports 1.3% of Australia’s total exports. Machinery is the primary component of Great Britain’s exports while the largest export portion in Australia is ores slag and coal
Any of the considerations that may have a substantial effect on the pair have some major adjustments in the trading relationship. Between the two regions, there are improvements in the prices of the above-mentioned.

Role of AUD

Many political and economic factors come into play when trading the AUD. One very important idea to look out for in AUD/GBP is the import and export trade of Australia. For many years, the price of the Australian dollar remained strong, as a result of the successful export of products such as iron ore, coal, and others
Obviously, the data available about the economic health of a country is always useful to traders. In Australia, the Reserve Bank of Australia plays the central role in determining the value of the AUD at any given time. Another financial point to consider is the low-interest rates on Australian Government debt. 

Role of GBP

A significant factor that affects the value of GBP is the overall performance of the economy across the United Kingdom. The 3 gross domestic product (GDP) accounts are released. It includes; the Preliminary Gross Domestic Product, the Revised Gross Domestic Product, and the Final Gross Domestic Product. Investors and traders will monitor these reports when attempting to define the future direction in the trade market.

What is the best time to trade AUD/GBP?

The AUD/GBP trade time in the United States is from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon. It offers significant profit opportunities in each 24-hour cycle. Volume and variability differ considerably. With spreads increasing in quiet cycles and narrowing in busy hours. Although, a forex advantage is the opportunity to open and close positions at any moment. Most trading strategies unfold across busy times.


The AUD/GBP combination is seen as a solid pair of two stable currencies. This can shift at any moment, of course, but those two currencies tend to be stable for the most part. A cross-currency pair of the AUD/GBP is characterized by rapid and sharp fluctuations in prices. High volatility and frequent unpredictable behavior are characteristic of this pair. AUD/GBP study is found very complicated, depending on fundamental considerations. 
In evaluating the structural details impacting the pair developments. The focus will be paid to the U.S. macroeconomic metrics, as the U.S. currency is specifically involved in the cross-rate estimation. The national currencies that make up the pair react to the release of indicators for the US economy at different speeds. The pair is most involved during the European and Pacific periods when Australian and Great Britain news will be published. Gold, oil, and gas prices have a big impact on the Australian dollar, so AUD is considered a commodity currency. The Great Britain economy focuses on the services, industry, and the oil and gas (raw materials) sectors.


The AUDGBP trade time in the United State is from Sunday to Friday afternoon. It offers a significant profit opportunity.

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