Huobi Token

Huobi Token

Introduction to the Huobi

Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. The business has its founding grounds in China, and now has offices in Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and the USA. It became a company declared in Hong Kong in August 2018.
Huobi was noted to have processed anywhere near $1 billion USD as of March 2018. Huobi is considered one of the top three digital asset exchanges in the world. It operates with its coin called Token Huobi. Huobi is suitable for exchange trading that includes Bibox, Huobi Global, HitBTC, and more.

About Huobi Token

Huobi token is a decentralized cryptographic asset developed by the Huobi project, under Ethereum (with ERC 20). The asset is handled and distributed over blockchain based on the token scheme. It is not classified as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) since its operation. It involves a loyalty program designed to reduce the fees spent when trading using other cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency works on the same notion as Binance which pays trading commissions of up to 50 percent down. The supply of Huobi token is set at 500 million indefinitely.
This amount is divided into three parts to serve different purposes: 
  • 300M tokens (around 60 percent): allocated to deliver profit to users who stand to gain by buying Huobi products. • 100M tokens (about 20 percent): cater to team incentives for a fixed 4-year period. • 100M (about 20 percent) tokens: to reward loyal Huobi users with gifts and incentives. These tokens can also be used to fund operations carried out by Huobi. 

History of Huobi Token

Early 2018 saw the first Huobi Token launched in China. The creators specifically targeted users around the Southeast Asian markets. It explains why the presence of Huobi Token is the biggest in comparison with other parts of the world. The token follows other standard tokens that build loyalty, such as Binance Coin (BNB). BNB’s introduction was so widespread it soon became a favorite across trading platforms and ranked as the top token in the world. The more people desired it, though, the higher the price goes up.

This encouraged other exchanges who saw a chance to deliver an alternate token that would make them a profit. One such excitement has been the Huobi party. All this led to Huobi tokens being raised on January 22, 2018. The Group then equipped its pro-users with 300 million tokens over 15 days, at special discounted rates.

Each day the Group will issue and disperse a batch of tokens on a first-come-first-served basis. Huobi agreed not to mark the token as an Initial Coin Offering in that way.Read More

How Does Huobi Token Works?

Huobi works to other exchanges for the cryptocurrency. Users can purchase and sell tokens, and by paying a processing fee, the company is making money. A more recent shift is based on the market on US Dollar-backed stable coins. These are coins that are given the value of the US dollar, making them less vulnerable to market volatility. If anyone deposits one out of the four stable coins (True USD, Paxos Standard, Gemini dollars, and US Dollar Coin). It is instantly converted to Huobi’s HUSD.
Instead, when the individual withdraws the money, they may choose from each of the four mentioned in a 1 by 1 ratio.  Then, you deposit one Gemini dollar, which is converted to one HUSD. You can then take one USD Coin out when you withdraw it. Huobi says the HUSD would remove the need for stable coins and save on exchange costs.

How to Own Huobi Token

  1. Check-in with Huobi for an account. 
  2. Activate authentication by 2-factor.
  3.  Select “Balances” and then press “Deposit & Withdraw. “
  4. Find your conversion currency and press “Deposit. ” 
  5. Click on the move page.  
  6. Tap the pair of currencies you want to exchange, like “HT/BTC. ” 
  7. Select “Order to Limit” or “Order to Market.”
  8. Enter how much HT you want to purchase. 
  9. Check the aspects of the deal.
  10. Tap “HT Order.

What to Consider When Buying Huobi Token

Several competing factors can affect a currency’s value, and when determining whether to buy or not, you’ll need to study those factors. When you’re considering purchasing some Huobi Tokens, consider demand. HT’s overall availability is cut to 500 million tokens.
 In June 2018, the circulating stock of tokens was 50,000,200 ht, according to the coin market cap retailing. For those buying point tickets, 60% (or 300 million) of the entire ht stock would be issued free of charge. An extra 20% (or 100 million tokens) is allocated for transaction fees and network service. With the remaining 20% being reserved as a project reward and subject to a four-year vesting cycle. 
  • Book back. – season, via a buyback scheme, Huobi acquires a portion of Huobi tokens at the open market. These tokens are then kept in the Huobi consumer security pool. This will be used by the company to protect customers’ needs and reward clients in the case of an emergency for their damages
  • Huobi Tokens will only be used on the Huobi website. Make sure that you understand the variables that may influence the rate of trade on the exchange. If a popular new coin is listed on Huobi, for instance, this could generate increased demand. Simultaneously, if the exchange is victim to a hack, that might theoretically have a detrimental effect on HT’s stock.

Can Huobi Trade XRP and Other OTCs?

XRP is now tradable on the Huobi OTC website. The asset went live at the start of the Singaporean working day; at 02:00 GMT on March 5, 2019. Traders can exchange the payment token against the digital assets. It is featured by Huobi twenty-five fiat currencies, including the U. S. Dollar & Pound. The company would demand a premium from 0. 2% to 0. 7% for the producers. Who is trading in OTC? Over-the-counter transactions exist directly between buyer and seller, without intermediaries.
Unlike the free market, where prices fluctuate based on supply and Demand, OTC allows high volume sales with no effect on the rest of the industry. On March 5, 2019, Huobi announced the launch on Facebook.   have also been willing to exchange in all the significant cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Tether (USDT), and EOS. There are also trades of Huobi Token (HT), and the HUSD stable coin exchange.

Benefits of Trading Huobi Token

  1. Access to essential cryptocurrency events in Huobi is a good time and early.
  2. There are bonuses and rewards from buyback programs of the Huobi Group. Also, from trading with other exchange-listed cryptocurrencies.
  3. Vote for your favorite cryptocurrencies and make other crucial decisions regarding
  4. The tokens allow you to enjoy exclusive discounts while trading with other cryptocurrencies. This depend on the VIP plan you choose.
  5. The Huobi Exchange lets you deal in more than 100 different pairs. 
    Huobi collects generous dividends.
  6. Protecting efficiency.
  7. In the protected market, buy and sell coins.
  8. Huobi Group’s stellar and welcoming customer service support is conveniently This is via phone, email, social media or ticket program. 

Deficiencies of Huobi Token

Given the advantages of the coin, there are many reasons why it isn’t always ranked top as the best in the world:

  1. The Asian markets are the focus. The Huobi Group plans to accept direct Yuan deposits on the Asian market. It offer to trade against the local-acceptable currency. Many users from elsewhere in the world may feel left out.
  2. Sponsored by USDT. Usdt is fraught with a great many threats. Industry analysts doubt the quality of materials that were supposed to back it up.
  3. Safety at stake. Several exchange records have been compromised in the past, with one instance leading to a loss of more than 12,000 BTC.
  4. High trading charges on some coins. Many exchanges pay sadly inexpensive withdrawal fees for some coins, such as 0. 001 BTC and 20 USD.


Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange that makes moves that imitate Binance. It aims to become the top exchange of cryptocurrency. It involves launching the crypto-currency HT. It will decentralize the trading network, and spreading to other global markets. Its effectiveness depends on the number of main ingredients.  While founded in China, Huobi relocated its headquarters to Singapore after China banned the trade of Icos and cryptos. It continues to collaborate with the Government. Government of China to lobby for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 
Huobi forges strategic alliances in each country. It extends into and travels to Japan, South Korea, Europe, Russia, and the Americas at present. Huobi Token provides up to 50 percent discounts on processing costs in exchange for membership dues. It would be repurchased by Huobi and burned. Huobi continues its success as one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume with these pieces in place. It’s prepared for something that hackers or the Government. The government can throw at it, so not any of it can be wrong with over one million people. Huobi is a great place to exchange crypto, but store your assets at your own risk as with all hot wallets and exchanges


Your Huobi Tokens can be deposited in the wallet attached to your Huobi exchange account. Keeping this in mind, don’t hesitate to set up 2-factor authentication on your account. This will secure any tokens you hold from an external security layer. It shows you cannot store the money in any other wallet other than the one offered by the cryptocurrency itself.

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