Binance Coin

Binance Coin

Introduction to Binance Coin

In 2017, binance coin (also known as BNB) was developed as a multipurpose token for subsidized trading across various platforms. Provided as an ERC20 token, Binance Coin has since gotten the default badge of the Binance Chain blockchain. ERC mean Ethereum Requests for Comments, and 20 stands for a specific ID number, which distinguishes this standard from others.
Binance Exchange is a popular cryptocurrency that offers the ability to trade more than 45 virtual coins. The likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Dogecoin, and many more are traded through binance exchange. Trading on the Binance exchange has become popular due to users’ ability to pay with native BNB cryptocurrency tokens.
Binance coin can also be used to pay for travel costs such as accommodation and booking flights. It can also be used as a token to pay for fees on the Binance exchange, online purchase of gifts, and share in token purchases on the binance launchpad. The BNB also has binance DEX (decentralized exchange) powers.

Technical Analysis For Binance Coin

Technical analysis of the cryptocurrency is influenced by many factors. These factors include trading patterns, market volatility, price movements, and market conditions. Thus, long-term cryptocurrency strategies depend on both current market trends and past trends.
The Binance coin is expected to inspire the Binance trading operations and the ecosystem thereof. It supports various Binance ecosystem utilities. Payment of exchanging fees, trade charges, posting expenses, etc. are all supported. The launch offer for the first year gives a half markdown on exchanges through Binance coin, and the rebate rate is reduced by half every year. That is, the 2nd-year discount is 25%. Then, following year’s cut drops to 12.5%, and the final years of the deduction is the 4th-year discount with 6.25%, with the discount ending in the 5th year. You can likewise use Binance coins to put resources into certain ICOs listed through the Launchpad program of Binance
This crypto token was also funded by other alliances that helped expand its use. Binance network already has a buyback program in which it will utilize 20% of its net income to repurchase BNB tokens. It consumes/demolish them till about 100 million or 50% of the token are withdrawn from circulation. This method would only leave 100 million BNB tokens in the system to be traded, helping to retain its significant valuation. In April-2018, the Binance group declared that the destruction of 2,220,314 BNB tokens (around $30 million) had been completed

Uses of Binance Coin

BNB was at first made through its ICO as a part of the binance exchange. In its official written abstract, binance notes that BNB was developed to be used on the binance network to pay reduced fees. BNB can also act as the primary token driving the binance chain. BNB also incorporated other cases on and off the binance sites, in addition to the original use cases. Here is a list of cases related to BNB use:
  1. Reduced trading rates – customers have access to a 25% discount on payments while trading on binance is charged via BNB.
  2. Binance account rate – customers with BNB account and a combined trading volume of 30 days a enjoy VIP rates of extra discounts and benefits.
  3. Conversion – Users in their can transform non-tradable amounts of different cryptocurrencies.
  4. IEO lottery – Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) of the binance are made using lottery quotas calculated by the sum of BNB owned by customers.
  5. Binance chain default token – Just like ether (ETH) is utilized in paying the ethereum blockchain fees. BNB is the primary means of payment for the binance chain fees when trading on the binance DEX.
  6. It can be spent as a cryptocurrency – apart from being used on the binance platform, BNB can be used on purchases in different ways and other platforms. Such as fare charges, credit card transactions, and gifts. 
There may be other ways to use BNB but it can be used to make payment for products and services, as long as the seller supports it.

How to Trade on Binance

There are two settings to binance trading: simple and advanced. Beginners will have to start up from the simple trading option before moving to the advanced setup. The simple trade option has a basic, easy-to-understand interface. Only relevant information is shown for making trades. You must note that binance is a skilled trading platform, and some newbies may find it too difficult to use only the simple trading environment. The process is relatively easy to comprehend.

The Advanced Trading setting provides expert traders with access to all the price charts and market data they need to do complex trading.

Binance-Supported Crypto Currencies

Binance has been highly lauded for its wide variety of funding and trading options. Traders can use various digital currency channels/platforms. Such as litecoin, bitcoin, bitcoin gold, ethereum, bitcoin cash, zcash, dash, ethereum classic, EOS, dash, neo, spark, ripple and more. As part of ICO lists, Binance also sponsors various tokens.

Resources And Refrences For Binance Coin


Binance has established itself as one of the most important out there exchanges.they have a smooth and clean UI that makes it easier to trade. It’s one of the most popular out there trading markets and where you could buy crypto coins, including bitcoins. 

The exchange site has also launched its own virtual currency. Binance coins also come on the commissions with a 50% discount, making it a profitable forum. The market for Binance Coin would rise with the transaction volume increase.

Binance hosts a very high volume on the exchange and most secure transactions. Binance is a safe option and a trusted global exchange of cryptocurrencies.

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