Copper, like silver and gold, is very ductile and conducts highly useful electricity. But in contrast to precious metals, copper is more widely available, cheaper and not sufficiently valuable for currencies. Copper is a red-colored base metal, the first product that people use. Today it has a wide range of applications, including microwave, industrial production, heating systems and everyday items.

Technical Analysis for Gold XAU

The technical analysis offers crucial insights into emerging market developments in forex and cryptocurrencies. It enables you to forecast copper production patterns using technological metrics (technical indicators).

Fundamental Analysis of Gold XAU

Gold has very little intrinsic value as it has few practical uses unlike stocks and shares, or a valuable commodity such as crude oil.It is rare, though, and human beings are attracted to it by consensus, and have attributed value to it.It is impossible to measure minor fluctuations in that day-to-day human perception, so fundamental analysis is of limited value in this respect.Another aspect of Gold which distinguishes it from fiat currencies like the U.S.Dollar means because it has little availability. This will mean that we should take for granted a finite amount of Silver.A problem with this concept is that banks and governments possess nearly half of the world’s known Silver, but no one knows for sure precisely how much there is.This appears like the major banks, who have been colluding for years to set Gold’s price with a twice regular “Gold fix,” are able to control supply and demand expectations.Luckily a fundamental Gold analysis can be applied through a macroeconomic analysis. Of examples, observers historically see Gold’s value rising under the following circumstances: High inflation Financial recession / uncertainty declining U.S. currency Low real interest rates Are these analysts right? Because Gold’s completely free float ended in 1976, we should test the details to see how Gold’s price coincides with certain variables.

How to Trade GOLD XAU

Rapidly developing countries are some of the leading players in the copper sector, propelled by an increasing need for new housing and transport infrastructure. As a consequence, the world demand for copper is growing in developing markets such as China , India and Brazil. Copper values may be affected by an upturn in the development of developing economies, whereas market prices are raised dramatically.

Consolidation markets are restricted in scale, so the sector remains between support and resistance lines in lieu of hitting various price peaks. This tends to occur during times of balance between the pressure of supply and demand. Consolidating markets will eventually break out of their range so it is important for traders to manage their risk using stop-losses. When a trader hits the green circles, he looks to buy copper and takes a profit when the rates hit the top. The trader could then look to exit the market at the other end of the range and exit the trade.


The X is a suffix, since the currencies of the pairs are represented by three letters in spot forex.For example, USD, which denoted the US dollar. AU for aurum, which is latin for gold, is the widely agreed short.So XAU/USD is a limit against the dollar for the gold interest. The XAU/USD pair informs the trader how much US dollar is required to buy one gold ounce (the base currency).

Gold being a especially volatile commodity, trading in the short and medium term is very lucrative using, for example, CFD which allows you to make substantial profits in a few days or weeks or even hours, but also risk of loss.

The data show that Gold’s price tends to move most on average between Noon and 8pm London time, roughly corresponding to the hours when markets are open in eastern and central U.S.A. This suggests that the best time of the day to trade in Gold, whether as Gold options, Gold futures, Gold spot, or XAU/USD is from Noon

Gold si Seasonal.The  best time  tobuy gold is between January and April, during the first quarter of the year.If buyers want to wait for the gold to drop to its lowest price, they should wait until March.march’s month has retained the lowest average monthly price since 1975, averaging -0.98%

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