Libertex- Fixed Pricing Model

Libertex is a fixed pricing model broker where traders can buy and sell financial market instruments on the main European markets, such as shares, ETFs, futures and CFDs by the trade type directly from their MT4 terminal or Libertex.

Their  Fixed Pricing Model is a simple, transparent and fixed commission model. Commission is always deducted from the client’s payout. This allows the investor to see the exact payoff amount for every trade from the start.

Is Libertex Safe?

In a nutshell: The Libertex platform, designed to bring together buyers and sellers in foreign currencies, is based on the Client – Libertex transaction model. This means that the Client – Libertex deal is a ‘fixed-price’ agreement, with no counterparty risk. The Fixed-Price Model can be used in all types of trading transactions, including instant trading, options, spread trading, contracts for differences and other exotic instruments with built-in leverage.

Why is Libertex a trusted CFD and crypto broker?

Libertex is a trusted CFD and Crypto broker, which has been operating since 1997. Over the years the company has been highly regarded by traders for their competitive spreads on CFDs and crypto assets. Libertex offers innovative trading products in order to ensure the best possible experience for every client, whether experienced or new to online trading.

They are currently operating in 120+ countries, with offices and partners in Asia, Russia, and Turkey. They have been working closely with CySEC regulatory authorities to make sure that they continue to meet their high standards.

Offering of Investments

The Libertex platform provides traders with a wide range of investment opportunities in forex and CFD trading. Traded on the Libertex and MetaTrader 4 platform, their CFD’s provide a versatile way to trade on global markets. Each client is also eligible for one of our many crypto trading accounts, which allow you to trade on a wide variety of crypto pairs and benefit from features such as leverage and margin that aren’t usually available for other popular cryptocurrencies.

Hot Assets

Every investor knows that hot assets are those which are increasing in price. And international currency exchange rates are not exceptions. It is a proven truth that the greatest profits are reaped by investors who buy currencies at low prices and sell them at high ones. The hot assets page is a feature on the exchange platform which allows investors to trade the most popular assets on the Libertex trading platform such as Bitcoin (BTC), DAX, Dow Jones, CAC 40, GBP/USD etc.


Libertex introduced a variety of investment tools for all kinds of investors. We have developed offers that will cover all the needs of those who want to trade stocks and those who want to invest in forex.

Cryptocurrencies(Bitcoin Broker)

Libertex investment company offers a broad range of advantages for trading in the foreign currency market. Cryptocurrencies investment is one of them. Cryptocurrencies are the future of money. Best known as a medium of exchange, it has become more. Due to its decentralized nature, cryptocurrencies are able to provide individuals and businesses with a new type of payment system that is secure, fast and virtually free from any third-party interference. 

The cryptocurrency economy is growing at its fastest pace ever and, with the right set of skills, the right tools and resources you can grow your wealth in this new economy as well. Among all cryptocurrency types, Bitcoin is considered to be the most popular at the moment.


Forex provides a very large probability of profitable investment on the foreign exchange market as it deals with the purchase or sale of currencies at present prices. When you sell a currency, you are selling your purchasing power to the buyer. You will be paid in another currency, and this is where you get your profit from. Libertex has an ‘Urgent Sale’ option for some currencies, which allows you to hit the sell button more quickly. 

Open an Account with Libertex and become one of their trusted clients! In order to better serve you, we offer a range of forex trading services on competitive terms.


Investors have a wide range of investment opportunities to choose from when trading gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper. Several instruments are available for investors with different tastes or risk levels.


Indices traded are: American, European, and Asian economies with the top performing stock indices,The most important 10 indices of the world, DAX, CAC 40, FTSE 100, S&P 500, NASDAQ Composite, Nikkei 225, Hang Seng and Straits Times are all traded in Libertex. All of these indices have the possibility to be traded in Forex markets as well as on the stock market.


The Libertex company offers a complete and professional analysis of agricultural markets for the trader’s successful activity on the markets. It is not enough to just have an experience of trading, the trader needs to know the peculiarities of each market. 

It is a large number of grains which are traded on different futures markets: wheat, oats, barley, rye, durum, corn, millet and sorghum. Also we deal with sugar (white sugar and raw sugar), crude oil and its derivatives (oil products), cocoa, coffee, soybeans, cotton seeds and other types of crops. You can trade these old-school CFDs on their modern trading platform.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas trading on the global market opens up a new world of opportunities. Libertex considers it very important to offer its clients standard quality to ensure reliability in every transaction. The Company has created an extensive trading system with a wide range of trading instruments. In order to meet the needs of all our customers, and guarantee that their solutions are reliable for both professional traders and beginners, maintaining a high level of professionalism. 

They have an Online Platform, which guarantees access to the global oil market 24 hours a day, as well as a high level of comfort in trading operations with transparency, efficiency and security.

Commissions and Fees

With our services you will not have to worry about brokerage fees, service fees or any other hidden charges. Libertex is a fixed pricing model. Libertex only charges a commission when you close your position, and this is a small percentage compared with other brokers. They do not believe in creating profits from charging excessive commissions, nor will they force you to pay high minimum deposits or other unjustified fees.

Platforms and Tools

The Libertex trading platform is a convenient and professional tool for traders who need to maximize their profits, minimize errors and simplify trading. Their forex trading platform makes it easy to buy and sell currency online in a safe, convenient manner. Their accounts runs on either Libertex or MetaTrader 4 and they also offer desktop and mobile trading applications, providing 24/5 trading tools that are designed for forex traders of all skill levels.

Types of Account

The Libertex platform supports multiple account types. Forex broker accounts are significant instruments in the forex trading industry. A broker account is a type of account that you use when making trades via online exchanges. Libertex dedicated specialist examines your application and determines whether or not it meets the requirements for a special account type . The best forex brokerage accounts are available free of charge.

Payment methods

There is a large number of payment methods which are convenient for any type of customer. The most popular of them are: credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, e-wallets.


Libertex provides a number of resources for the education and advancement of forex trading. These resources are composed ofdaily trading informations, articles,FAQs, blogs, economic calender etc. Libertex makes every effort to provide customers with the tools necessary to make an educated choice based on their personal needs.

Mobile Trading

With over 70% of search traffic comes from mobile devices, businesses need to be mobile friendly or risk losing conversions.  The Libertex mobile forex trading terminal is one of the few that have been created specifically for mobile devices. The app supports a wide range of financial instruments, including currencies, stock indices, bonds and metals. It is available to download on both iOS and Android platforms.

They give you the same great functionality you enjoy in their trading platform, including live streaming quotes and charts, alerts, automatic orders, backtesting and more. You can also use them to place trades on the go, view pending orders to manage your account whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.

Customer Service

With a history of providing clients with exceptional customer service, the Libertex group has been a trusted name in the Forex and CFD industry for 20 years. A fast responsive customer service 24/5 which is available on site. A secured trading platform where you can trade for large amounts of money without any restrictions. They have an excellent spread which is lower than the major competitors in the market.

Final Thoughts

Libertex Forex broker is widely recognized as a leading forex broker with a reputation of exceptional customer service and some of the best trading conditions combined with a user-friendly trading platform to give its clients a great experience.

About Libertex

Libertex is a broker-platform founded in 1997 that aims to reduce the threshold of trading on Forex market. They are innovations-driven company with a goal to minimize the gap between the most advanced technologies available on the market and the world of Forex. They offer solutions such as MT4 – Libertex by MetaQuotes Software Corp, Charting system, VPS, Libertex Terminal , Mobile Solutions and more. Reliable innovative technologies, coupled with transparent pricing policy and constant focus on improvement of our product range – there’s nothing else you could possibly ask for!