Great Forex Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Great Forex Podcasts You Need to Listen to

From the basics for newbies to topics geared towards more advanced traders, there are tons of great forex podcasts that should be on your playlist. Read on to find out what these are.

Michael Covel Podcast

With over 300 episodes and more than 2.5 million listens, It is clear to see that this podcast is a popular one, and for good reason. What you get is brilliant wit combined with extremely honest insights from some of the most successful persons in the forex markets.

Trading Story

This podcast is tailored specifically for newer traders and includes practical tips and inspiring interviews to help anyone get started with forex trading.

Forex Answers

With listenership spanning over 27 countries, this podcast is another brilliant resource for new forex traders. It provides valuable insight into the daily state of the forex market.

Better System Trader

This podcast is for serious, careful traders who need their most pressing questions answered. From trading strategies that work to advice on how to protect your money during unfavourable market conditions, there are few questions left unanswered.

Chat with Traders

Hosted by Aaron Fifield, Chat with Traders is a weekly podcast where profitable traders are interviewed, allowing listeners to tap into their knowledge.

Don’t Talk About Your Stocks

While Andrew Selby doesn’t run the site anymore, there have been some fantastic interviews with traders and market wizards that are still available for anyone to learn from.

Power Trading Radio

This podcast lets you gain something new every time you listen to seasoned trader Merlin Rothfield provide expert analysis on forex and stocks. Power Trading Radio is aimed at the average investor who needs to acquire the right skills to be successful.

Desire to Trade

In the episodes of this podcast, Etienne Crete provides an avenue for aspiring forex traders to learn valuable lessons. He interviews some of the most well-known minds in the forex trading space, helping to uncover useful techniques that listeners can gain from.

Trader Radio

Run by the former host of madly popular The Traders Podcast, Rob Booker, Trader Radio promises to bring useful material to all who need a bit of help making sense of FX trading. Rob is full of experience and when you combine that with the knowledge of his occasional guests, you have a powerful show.

Chat with Traders

This widely known podcast hosted by Aaron Fifield has been sent out on a weekly basis for a couple of years. Every episode sees a profitable trader brought in for a long-format interview. You can expect to learn about the trading ideas and strategies of his knowledgeable guests.

Online Forex Trading Course

This podcast is for the seasoned trader who would like a trading boost as much as it is for the newbie who is in search of basic resources and tools to give them a head start. You can be certain of the fantastic insight you’ll be getting by listening to this one.


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