Watch and Learn

Watch and Learn

Becoming a successful forex trader is all about finding an advantage that fits for you and the market and doing it with persistence and diligence. Forex investing is about making money in the markets and we’ve pulled together a series of videos to teach you how to do exactly that.

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Why should you watch the videos ?


They discuss all the most critical subjects in the Forex community, from the mechanics of fundamental research to the psychology of investing, and how you’ll be a genuine investor.


Our engaging instructional courses will keep you on your feet with a mix of videos and quizzes to ensure you really learn your trade.


The videos are created by a talented, experienced team of skilled Forex traders who hand-pick each subject and fine-tune each lesson so it is easy for traders of all backgrounds to understand.


We also provide you with the opportunity to learn on your own schedule – as they are always available for you, so there is no pressure to move forward until you’re completely ready.


The videos are arranged in a systematic order that allows you to select your lessons and study them at your own pace so that even the most difficult concepts of Forex trading can be grasped. 

Comfortable leverage 

We offer a range of leverage options but not every trader knows how to properly use leverage. Learn how to make full use of the right leverage while protecting yourself in the process.

What will you learn ?

These courses are a thorough guide through CFD markets and some of the areas that will be covered are: 

  • Guide to financial investing 
  • Technical analysis 
  • Quantitative analysis 
  • When to enter & exit trades 
  • How to handle risk 
  • Market psychology 
  • Margin leverage swap
  • Trading forex, commodities, and indices
  • Trading metals, shares, and crypto

Regardless of your degree of expertise, you will find articles, videos and other content that can add value. We have all you need to learn to trade in one place – right here.

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