When are the forex trading sessions?

When are the forex trading sessions?

One exciting feature of the Forex market is its availability 24-hours a day. Forex offers trading opportunities around the clock. Investors can trade during business hours, or at night. Yet, several limitations and considerations affect trading sessions.

You can divide Forex trading’s 24-hour system into 3 trading periods.

Forex traders often choose from these trading periods, instead of trading 24-hours each day. The Forex market boasts 3 top trading sessions. These are the North America, Asian, and European sessions. Their title variants are New York, Tokyo, and London respectively.

Throughout these sessions, cities hosting the main financial center in the time zones get the session’s title during its business hours. 

To analyse the ideal trading period for currency pairs, you must understand these sessions. You need to know which currency or market has the highest liquidity during business hours. You must determine this value during a relevant session.

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