Gator Oscillator Indicator

Introduction to Gator Oscillator

The gator oscillator uses the convergence and divergence from the alligator symbol of the three lines of equilibrium. It helps traders detect new patterns. It also assists in understanding how and where these patterns are evolving.
The Gator oscillator is somewhat like the alligator predictor. It helps to track pattern fluctuations in the price of an item. The gator uses a histogram while the alligator uses the shifting average axes. The Gator indicator is founded on the rule like a living (alli)gator. They morph through four distinct stages:
  1. Sleeping also referred to as exhausted
  2.  Awakening also referred to as forming
  3. Sated also referred to as running out of momentum
  4. Eating also referred to as strengthening

History of Gator Oscillator

Bill M. Williams (born 1932) is an American dealer and writer. He wrote books on the psychology of trading, methodological analysis. Also, theory of chaos in stock, goods, and foreign exchange markets. His analysis of stock exchange data steered him to come up with some technical analyses. It can identify financial market trends.
Indicators such as the Fractals, Alligator, Gator Oscillator Awesome Oscillator. Others are Market Facilitation Index, Accelerator/Decelerator. Oscillators are common in Forex, stock, and other financial markets today.

The Best Time to Use the Gator Oscillator Indicator

It’s all about timing.  This is one of the key points of trading in the foreign exchange market.  In a market as volatile as the forex market, it is important to keep tabs on the price movements to catch a wave and get off before price values fizzle out.  Timing trades can only be achieved with the right technical analysis tools. Serious forex traders do more than just sit around and wait behind their computer monitors.  The most successful forex traders actually watch market movements and times his trades. 

This is based on patterns and trends as indicated by various technical analysis tools like.
The good thing about today’s modern technology is that technical analysis tools are already automated.  The raw data that used to come up with indicators and charting figures are all fed from real data. Forex traders can have an accurate visual representation of the price movements in the forex market.  
There are different kinds of indicators and charts that are used. This dependent on each forex trader’s own personal trading style and strategy.  Often, but a combination of technical analysis is used to cross-reference trends and patterns against one another. This is for a better reading of price movements that forex traders could capitalize on to make profitable trades.

How to Use the Gator Oscillator

The Gator oscillator is a scientific analytical predictor. It belongs to the trending class, that is to say, indicators indicating the direction and strength of the current market trend. The starting, reversal, and continuation points of the trend are aspects that enable you to earn money in any financial market. The Gator Oscillator indicator is a histogram of two colors. Its operating theory is identical to that of an alligator with another Williams symbol, but the design is different. Alligators are three different time intervals and shift averages. But, the disclosure of lines relative to each other does not mean anything. The color, location relative to the zero marks, and the size of the Gator Oscillator histogram columns say the presence or absence of a market trend. This lets you take advantage of trade.

Understanding the Bars of the Gator Oscillator

It is important to remember that the gator oscillator acts as a histogram. It consists of green and red bars in a different box below the asset’s price map. Two bars represent each time-period, one on top of the other. At times, they are both the same colours. The green bar indicates a trend is becoming stronger than the preceding price action, while a red bar indicates that it is becoming weaker.

The Four Phases of the Gator Oscillator Explained

Sleep process: Both bars are red during this phase.

Awakening Phase: This process parallels the sleeping phase of a gator which can be recognized as one of the red bars that turns orange. No matter if the red or green bar is above or below the zero line, for as long as there is one of them.

Eating phase: Both bars turn green again during this phase.

Sated phase: The sated phase of the Gator follows the eating phase of the Gator, and occurs when one of the green bars becomes red. Again, whether the green or red bar is above or below zero does not matter, as long as there is one of both.

Effectiveness of the Gator Oscillator

Gator oscillator relies on moving average readings. It will logically be most effective in trending market conditions. Positions are generally unlocked as the Gator wakes. Positions are retained throughout the collapse phase of trends while waiting for both sides of the indicator to change to red. In the third phase, a more conservative way to trade is to lock in profits and exit positions (gator is saturated), when one side turns red. This will, of course, reduce the level of return but also decrease the risk.

Gator Oscillator Trading Strategy

The trading strategy for Gator Oscillator Forex is formulated in a way that allows any pair of trading to be traded with clear trading rules. The technique uses three important technical indicators. Lagman and DEMA indicators are trend-seeking instruments. While the gator oscillator is a technical indicator. It detects fast demand directional activity. The outcome is a strong trading device as all these technical factors are combined.


The Gator oscillator is an indicator that helps detect trend changes in an asset’s price. Trends go through four different phases. Awakening (forming), eating (strengthening), sating (running out of momentum), and sleeping (exhausted). It appears on charts as a histogram made up of green and red bars. Each time is represented by two bars, which can be either red, both green, or one of each color. A green bar indicates that the trend is stronger than previous periods, while a red bar indicates it is weaker than in previous periods. During the Gator sleeps phase, both bars are red. The Gator awakens phase follows the Gator sleeps phase and can be recognized when one of the red bars turns green. During the Gator eats phase, both bars turn green again. Gator’s sated phase follows the Gator eats phase and occurs when one of the green bars turns red. 
Traders look to enter a position during the indicator’s awakening phase, hold it through the eating phase and exit it during the stated phase. There may be a time lag between price changes and the indicator moving into its various phases. The Gator oscillator only tells you how strong or weak a trend is – not in which direction prices are moving. It works well in all market conditions as it is designed to identify each phase of the market’s cycles. It is best used on medium to longer-term time frames. If used on lower time frames it may produce false signals


Well, the RSI is the most well-known, and thus the most followed. So, it is the one with the signs that we can believe that other traders would look at. This provides it with an advantage over other oscillators. Additionally, the RSI is easy to read.

There is no single answer to that question. Each trader selects his own strategy, based on his free time and risk appetite. That means considering your personality and developing a strategy that suits you. For one trader what can work very well may be completely unacceptable to another.