Learn Technical Analysis

Learning Technical Analysis

The overwhelming array of methods that are available to analyse the Forex markets can be very intimidating to new traders. Some trading approaches can be broken down into either fundamental analysis or technical analysis. Although some traders use both, many retail traders nowadays concentrate on technical analysis, for some very critical and precise reasons that you will find in this section.

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Price Action and Technical Analysis

Do you want to succeed as a Forex trader? If your answer is yes and you really want to become a well-rounded forex trader, then you have to learn and master technical analysis. Technical analysis of currencies is one of the most important aspects of the Forex market. It’s something that beginners need to understand if they want to be successful.

The idea behind technical analysis is looking at past market movements and assessing current trading conditions as well as future price movements. Technical analysis of the Forex market can help you decide not just when and where to enter a market but, most critically, when and where to exit the market.

Forex traders can make sound and educated trading decisions by observing recent price trends. The articles in this section provide an in-depth overview of technical analysis theories and approaches. The Forex technical analysis guides, written by seasoned traders and skilled market analysts, are exactly what you need to get an edge in your forex trading.

Technical analysis should not be complicated or boring. Based on this premise, our forex technical analysis guides are designed for traders at all levels.

Need help grasping more nuanced technical analysis concepts? This section of our Forex articles should provide you with the requisite explanations to succeed – from Fibonacci to how to use resistance and other technical indicators. Let’s begin to explore and find out now!

Accumulation Swing Index

ASI is a swing index combined total, created by Wilder. By measuring the value ASI endeavors to show the genuine market trends.

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Accumulation/Deceleration (AD)

Accumulation / Deceleration (AD) is also known as Acceleration / Deceleration Indicator. It is the technical indicator.

Accumulation/Distribution Indicators

Accumulation/ Distribution indicator is also known as A/D or Accum/Dist. This an indicator of the technical analysis designed.


Trend indicators aim to mark certain crucial moments that a pattern can be emerging. The alligator symbol, invented by american trader.

Andrew’s Pitchfork

Andrew’s Pitchfork is a quantitative measure developed by Alan Andrews. It uses three equal pattern lines to show possible degrees .

Average Directional Index

Average Directional Index (ADX) is an indicator of technical analysis used by investors to establish the force of a pattern.

Average True Range

Average true range, generally abbreviated as ATR is a metric of technical analysis. It calculates market uncertainty by moldering.

Awesome Oscillator

The Awesome Oscillator (AO) is a good predictor of technical analysis. It’s intended to calculate market sentiment.

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands is a trading band focused on the price volatility of a simple moving average (SMA). Variance is calculated by measuring.

Chaikin Oscillator

The Chaikin Oscillator was developed to help forecast possible fluctuations in asset prices. It precisely detecting tipping points in an asset price.

Chaikin Volatility

During trading sessions between the U.S. and European markets, there is always a clash or uncertainties.

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Commodity Channel Index, CCI

The Commodity Channel Index (CCI), originally developed by Donald Lambert in 1980, is an oscillator.

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Convergence/Divergence (MACD)

Technical indicators are smart algorithms that allow traders to predict price behavior over a given period of time-based on historical quotes.

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DeMarker Indicator

The DeMarker indicator is in any case referred to as DeM. It is an oscillator which infers its qualities by looking at the greatest and least costs.

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Detrended Price Oscillator

Detrended Price Oscillator (DPO) is a dawdling, oscillating period tracker. It is developed to detect cyclical changes in fairness by excluding .

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Directional Movement Index

DMI is a key indicator in the forex trade developed by Welles Wilder In the year 1978. Welles Wilder identifies in which direction an asset’s price.

Elder Rays

Elder Ray was developed by Dr Elder, to measure the performance levels of two competing groups, Bears Power and Bull Power.

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Envelopes is a classic Forex and other financial markets way of working. Envelopes are technical indicators typically plotted.

Pullback Trading Strategy

Force Index

The Force Index is a metric that uses volume and price to determine the force behind a move in price or to define future tipping points.

Position Trading Strategy


Fractals are markers on the candlestick graphs which show advertise inversion focuses. Dealers additionally use fractals.

London Hammer Trading Strategy

Gator Oscillator Indicator

The gator oscillator uses the convergence and divergence from the alligator symbol of the three lines of equilibrium.

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Ichimoku Cloud

Ichimoku Cloud is a type of technical analysis system that is also called Ichimoku. This is based on the Japanese candlestick map to forecast.

Swing Trading Strategy

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo

It is used to gauge traction along with potential assistance and resistance zones. The essential across the board measure comprises five bars.

Candlestick Reversal

Linear Regression Indicator

Forex traders are always looking for methods of applying some elements of a trading edge to the financial markets.

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Market Facilitation Index

Bill Williams presents a modern way of integrating price and quantity in his book, titled “trading chaos,”. It shows the underlying business pattern.

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Mass Index

Mass index is a form of technical analysis that looks over a period of time at the range among high and low stock costs.

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Momentum indicator

For market technicians, Momentum refers to stock prices changes over time. It is the measurement of price changes rate or velocity.

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Moving Average Convergence

Moving Average Convergence (MAC) is a technical oscillator indicator used in identifying patterns and movements in the forex market.

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Moving Averages

Defining the trend in the Forex market is very important for a successful trade. Indicators are used to help traders assess stock price direction.

OBV Indicator

OBV is an abbreviation for On Balance Volume. OBV is an indicator which uses volume flow to forecast stock price

Pivot Point Trading Strategy

Pivot Point

A forex pivot point is a key indicator in trading. It was developed by commodity floor traders to regulate possible turning points, also known as pivots.

Relative Strength Index

Parabolic SARS

Parabolic SAR is a strategy developed by Welles for technical analysis. It used for determining expected inversions in the market value bearing of exchanged products.

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Price Channel Indicator

On a map, a market channel occurs as the price of defence is bounded by two parallel lines. The channel can be called horizontal, rising, or falling, depending on the orientation of the pattern.

Price Rate of Change

Price Rate of Change (ROC) is a dynamic indicator that measures the rate of change in a stock’s price over a period of time, such as a few days, months or years.

Trend Lines

Relative Strength Index

The RSI, created by J. Wilder Welles, is an oscillator that tracks the change of price and speed movements. The RSI oscillates from zero to 100.

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Relative Vigor Index

In 1993 Donald Dorsey developed the RVI indicator. Then, in 1995, the author updated it into the current version. RVI belongs to the broad Oscillator group of indicators.

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Standard Deviation

Standard deviation is a metric used in calculating the distribution of dataset relative to its mean, and is measured as the square root of the variance.

Fibonacci Trading Strategy

Stochastic Indicator

The stochastic oscillator is one of the most popular indicators, even in forex, and it is widely used in trading systems.

Stochastic Oscillator

The stochastic oscillator is one of the most popular indicators, even in forex, and it is widely used in trading systems.

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Triple Exponential Average

With the triple exponential average calculation, TRIX lines eliminate minor short-term trends. It indicate changes in market direction.

Ultimate Oscillator

Ultimate Oscillator is a mechanical measurement. It is aimed at compensating for the issues faced with most oscillators.

Volume Weighted Average

There are infinite number of methodologies that every trader uses to define the pattern of a trade.

Zigzag Indicator

Zig Zag is a technical indicator used in measuring market swing highs and swing lows.

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