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Forex is the biggest monetary market worldwide. The main goal of a forex broker is to help you make the most out of your investments, and as such, finding a reliable one is vital.

Brokers act as your agent and provide you with a deep-discount commission structure for any currency trading you do. It’s the ultimate resource for obtaining forex services or information. is one of the most suitable forex brokers for beginners and intermediate forex traders. This is because of its variable spreads, advantages in trade execution, plus several other benefits that will help you to better understand and execute your trade with ease.
However, has some down sides SUCH AS limited product portfolio and high stock CDF fees. As you continue reading, you will have a better understanding of and determine whether it is the right broker for you or not.

Beginner questions about Review

Yes. Many brokers offer forex trading services all over the world, but stands out for its extensive range of offerings, ease of use, affordability and exceptional customer service.

Yes because it has a long track record and is regulated by top-tier financial authorities such as CFTC, FCA and NFA.

The minimum amount you can deposit on is 100 of your chosen currency. However, if you want more flexibility and reliable risk management, it is advised you deposit a minimum of 1,000 of your selected currency base.

The duration of withdrawing money from depends on the method of withdrawal. For Bank transfers, it may take up to 24hours to deliver. However, Wire transfer may take 2 to five days to deliver.

The amount you can withdraw at once on is %100, or all you available balance. This means at any point you feel dissatisfied about, you can empty your account.  

To open an account with, kingly visit, select your account type, and fill all the required information. Overview is one of the world’s largest online forex trading platforms. It provides retail traders with a modern user interface along with competitive trading prices and tight execution. Promotions, bonuses, and special offers are available for new and existing clients.

Having been around since 2001 as part of GAIN Capital Holdings, offers a wide range of services, including CFD and FX spot. Countless customers around the world trust for their CFD and FX needs. has been ranked as the leading retail forex provider in terms of both revenue and growth. They have a large range of currencies and commodities available for trading for clients around the globe. 

In addition to its global presence, offers some of the educational tools customers need to trade easily and successfully in these markets. offers competitive spreads on more than 80 currency combinations and a 24-hour global platform from major financial centers around the world.

The leading CFTC regulated broker,, offers accounts that use a proprietary sophisticated modeling approach which maps the actual risks and rewards of the underlying instruments and how they will be affected by movements in the financial markets.

The U.S. retail forex market is a mature and fast growing industry, registering astonishing year-to-year growth of more than 600 percent. provides a platform for traders from small independent firms to large multinational banks seeking competitive currency prices in the world’s largest marketplace.

What are the Features of

What are the Benefits of Cons Account Types has something for everyone. With its three-range of account types, you can find the one that suits your needs. 

Each account offers several different benefits and features. Traders will need to choose one of three forex accounts based on their trading goals and available resources: Range of Fees has three types of trading fees. These are:


The forex market is one of the biggest markets in the world with an average daily turnover in billions of dollars.

Trading on this market can be done using a broker who facilitates transactions between sellers and buyers.

With so many forex brokers in the market, choosing the best can be a difficult task. When you are searching for a quality forex broker you should be looking for a company offering numerous currency pairs, top tier execution, and a range of trading tools. stands out among the large selection of Forex brokers as having a great execution, fair trading fees, and providing top-notch customer support. This platform is also aesthetically pleasing and simple to use.

Suitable for both beginners and experienced traders, has all you need to execute a cost-effective trade in the market.

If the few weaknesses of this broker will not affect your trading strategy, then is the ideal choice for you.