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CPI (Inflation Data)

“The CPI of a country no matter how small they are, always have a ripple effect on the value of currencies involved.” Over the years, Forex traders have devoted much of their time to closely monitor inflation through the Consumer Price Index, which also serves as a fundamental economic indicator. The CPI index gives details…
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The Gross Domestic Product

“The rise and fall of a country’s GDP directly affects how its currency behaves in the Forex market.” The fourth event that a Forex trader should watch out for is the Gross Domestic Product, as it is an important economic indicator in the economic health of a country. The Central Bank of every country, always…
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FOMC Meeting

“FOMC decision affects the strength of other currencies, as the US Dollar is currently the world’s currency reserve.” Though the central banks of all of the world’s economies have their meetings, the one that is extremely important and has a direct impact on the currency of other countries is the American Federal Open Market Committee…
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Unemployment Rate

“The number of people engaged in the labour market affects how investors perceive a country’s economy.” The importance of the unemployment rate in a country cannot be overlooked, as the Central Bank of every country uses it to determine how healthy an economy is. Unemployment rate measures how many people in the labour force are…
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