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The most common feature of any market, is that price is never constant. It either goes up or comes down, depending on the forces of demand and supply. In the forex market, price may go up, come down, or range (neither go up nor come down due to an indecisive market). Sometimes price reaches a…
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Forex Trading Environments: How to Recognise Them

A basic skill required to be a successful trader on the forex market is the ability to recognise the trading environment. The trading environment represents the current activities of traders on the market. Acquiring this skill can help you take advantage of the environment by creating a strategy that works in the current environment. The…
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Important Terminologies a New or Intending Forex Trader Must Know

Forex, also known as FX or currency trading, is a marketplace where people from every part of the world buy, sell and exchange different currencies. The market consists of central banks, commercial banks and companies, investment management firms, hedge funds, retail Forex brokers and investors. Over the years, it has been regarded as a gold…
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